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Doula's Role

"To mother the mother"

The doula's goal is to facilitate the transition to parenthood by supplying reliable and factual information, reassurance and hands-on support with children and household organization.

Support Services

Household Support

My job as a postpartum doula is to make the transition of your growing family as manageable as possible. My support might include light housecleaning, laundry, dishes, prepping bottles, caring for your older children & pets, and anything else that will help the family unit adjust easily.

Physical Recovery

I provide support on your physical recovery by making sure you are comfortable and nourished. I can help with positioning for feedings and taking over responsibilities so you can rest. I can also help with cooking and meal prep, ensuring you are getting nourishing foods.

Emotional Support

An essential piece of postpartum is mentally and emotionally processing your labor and delivery. I will take time to listen to your birth story and help you understand and accept the events of your delivery. I am also equipped with mental health resources should you experience any postpartum depression or anxiety.

Evidence-Based Information and Advocacy

I am trained to connect families with evidence-based resources so they can ask great questions and make informed decisions about your birth. I serve as your advocate to ensure your voice is heard and you receive the best care possible.

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 DONA Approved Postpartum Doula Trainings with Beautiful Birth Choices, Rochester NY


LeRoy, NY 14482


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