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Roberta Kiehle


About Me

Welcome! I’m Roberta Kiehle, but most people call me Bert. I live in western NY in the small town of Conesus. I am excited to offer my services of Birth & Postpartum Doula, Life Coaching, and Human Design readings to the community and beyond! I am a grounded, nurturing person that loves to help others get closer to their potential. Whether that is helping others overcome an obstacle, shift perspective, or creating a satisfying birth experience! 

When I’m not being a birth nerd, you can find me taking walks in nature, or reading some kind of nonfiction, likely on spirituality or wellness. I love traveling, catching a concert, or grabbing a tasty drink at a cafe. I also spend a lot of my time preparing plant based meals and making herbal infusions and tonics.

I have had birth-work in my heart since I was a little girl. Once I learned what a doula was, I knew this was my ultimate calling! I believe that pregnant and birthing people are the most sacred and precious members of our society, and am honored to be invited to join families in their process. As a birth doula, my services can be provided in a 1 hr radius of my home location. The closest hospitals I serve are in the Rochester area, Canandaigua, Batavia, and Dansville. I can also provide support at your home-birth. I have been Certified through DONA International.

As a life coach, my services can be provided remotely via video conferencing, or in person if you’re local. I am specifically trained in assisting others in finding their “dharma” or life’s purpose. Your purpose isn’t just what you do for a job, though that can be a big part of it! But your purpose is so much more. It is the way you align with your highest self and conduct every aspect of your life.


LeRoy, NY 14482


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